Guido Orzes, Free University of Bozen – Bolzano

Krishna Dhir,
University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA
Keong Leong, California State University Dominguez Hills, USA

The Workshop is addressed for Ph.D. students. The Workshop provides an intimate and personalized environment in which doctoral students can learn about the key factors that contribute to success in doctoral program, and ensure progress in the post-doctoral phase of their careers. The importance of choosing the right academic trajectory will be discussed, along with dos and don’ts of the job search process. They will receive hands-on instruction on how to plan their professional careers strategically. This will include practical experience of analyzing their strategic objectives and developing strategic alternatives they might pursue. This Workshop will help Ph.D. students to effectively initiate their academic careers to ensure productive citizenship in academia.

Attending the Workshop does not require to pay an additional registration. Ph.D. students interested in attending must register for the Conference and send their research proposal by email to Guido Orzes at by April 15, 2018.

Early stage PhD students (first year or beginning of second year) are expected to present as part of their research proposal (max. 6 single-spaced pages) the results of the literature review, the research gaps and the research design of their PhD project (research questions, underpinning theory, justification of the selected research method, …).

Late stage PhD students (second or third year) are expected to present in their research proposal (max. 12 single-spaced pages) the literature review and research gaps, the research design (research questions, underpinning theory, justification of the selected research method, …), the results (or preliminary results).

The Workshop is scheduled for June 3, 2018 from 2pm to 6.30 pm. Additional details will be provided later.