Professor Martin Everett
Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis
University of Manchester, UK

Topic: The Power of Social Network Analysis

Abstract: Social network analysis is a methodology for capturing, storing, visualizing and analyzing relational data; that is, data concerning relations between specified entities (e.g., individuals, organizations, nations) and patterns of connection within populations of such entities. In this talk we will examine the development of social network analysis from hand drawn sociograms of Moreno through to applications drawn from big data. The focus will be on highlighting key ideas that have had a major influence on either the mathematical development of social networks or on the application of network analysis on different types of data. The multidisciplinary nature of social network analysis has been a key feature and we shall deliberately draw on concepts, ideas and applications from the disciplines that have been most closely associated with the subject. The selection of topics is entirely personal but is intended to show both the breadth and depth of the subject as well as touching on areas of active research.

Bio: Martin graduated in mathematics from Loughborough university and then went on to Oxford to complete a masters degree and a doctorate. He has over 40 years experience in research in social network analysis research and is currently co-director of the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis at the University of Manchester. He is a past president of INSNA (the International Network for Social Network Analysis), co-editor of the journal Social Networks and co-author of the social network analysis package UCINET. His work has attracted over 20,000 citations according to Google Scholar.

Robert Johnson
Purchasing Director

Jaguar Land Rover, UK
Topic: Seeking the Best Suppliers in the World – Competition and Collaboration
Neil Ashworth
CEO Collect+ and Yodel, UK

Topic: Retail Beyond the Tipping Point  – Tackling the Fulfilment Challenges in Omni-Channel Retailing

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