EDSI 2019 will feature a number of special streams and sessions.  Please submit your abstract as normal and if you wish contact the stream/session organiser indicated below:

Public Procurement and Humanitarian Aid SCM – Professor Christine Harland (christinemary.harland@polimi.it)

Digital Business Transformations – Professor Sabine Baumann (sabine.baumann@offis.de)

Fintech – Professor Meryem Duygun (Meryem.duygun@nottingham.ac.uk)

Sustainability Research in Japan, Pan-Asia, UK and Europe – Professor Tetsuo Yamada (tyamada@uec.ac.jp)

Industry 4.0: Information Leakage, Security and Business Intelligence – Professor Kim Tan (kim.tan@nottingham.ac.uk)

Offshoring, Nearshoring, Backshoring (more details Here– Professor Carmela Di Mauro (cdimauro@unict.it) and Professor Jan Olhager (jan.olhager@tlog.tlh.se)


Conference Registration is Open here