The main conference venue is the Palace Toppo-Wasserman, via Gemona, Udine. The palace consists of two main parts: the first was built at the beginning of the 18th century from the Garzolini family and the second was built at the beginning of 1900 as a male boarding school. The palace included also a chapel, dedicated to St. Peter, of which there is no trace because it was turned into houses during the Napoleonic period. The University of Udine has taken care of the restoration of building, its old floors and frescoes.

Social events will take place at Casa della Contadinanza, Piazzale del Castello (Udine). This restaurant is located on the top a small hill in the center of Udine, from which you can see the whole city as well as the mountains all around it. 

Plenary session of June 6th will be organized at the Aula Magna Silvio Trentin of Ca’ Foscari University, Ca’ Dolfin, Dorsoduro 3825, Venice.
The Ca’ Foscari University, established on August 6th, 1868 as a Business School, is a public university based in a Venetian Gothic palace overlooking the widest bend of the Grand Canal.

You can find below the maps of Udine and Venice.